Angry Birds Go! Cheats (Unlimited Gems, Coins, Unlock all Karts Hack)

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Angry Birds Go! Cheats and Hack gives you access to mods where you can use to get unlimited gems, coins, unlock all cars/karts, and enable coin doubler for Android, iPhone, iPad and iOS, plus Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. This is the stable release version give you a complete gaming advantage by giving you infinite gems and unlock all cars including the Big Bang Special Edition.

This Angry Birds Go! trainer perfectly works for Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS devices and other mobile phones or tablets. Use the tool to patch your game files to become modded so that you can enjoy infinite gems and coins to max upgrade your karts.  This hack for Angry Birds Go! requires no root or jailbreak.

angry birds go hack cheats

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About Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a brand new racing game by Rovio where you will race through speedways, stunt roads and canyons with your favorite Angry Birds characters. The game features over 50 soapbox karts that you can ride and upgrade to make the faster and more powerful. Use bird coins and gems to enhance your kart’s top speed, acceleration, handling and strength.  Take advantage of your car’s special power in every race. Multi-power allows you to use your special power multiple times at the cost of gems.

Another exciting feature of the game is that you can teleport your Hasbro’s TELEPODS figures directly into the game.  Angry Birds Go! will also have their multiplayer mode, where players can play local and online racing competitions.  Angry Birds Go! is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. Go download Angry Birds Go! now and have fun with its exciting gameplay and future updates.

Angry Birds Go! Cheats and Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Gems (Infinite Gems)
  • Add Unlimited Coins (Infinite Coins)
  • Unlock all Karts / Cars (Use this to unlock the Big Bang Special Edition)
  • Enable Coins Doubler (Double the coins you get during races.)
  • Free Shopping Mod + Max Upgrades (Use Gems/Coins to max upgrade your karts.)
  • Multi-platform support (Android, iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry)
  • Windows, Linux & Mac OS Compatible
  • NO NEED TO ROOT (for Android) / JAILBREAK (for iOS)

Angry Birds Go! Cheats/Hack Proof Screenshot:

angry birds go cheats

Use the Angry Birds Go! trainer by to get your unimited gems and bird coins like in this screenshot!

Angry Birds Go! Hack Tool and Cheats

(Unlimited Gems, Bird Coins, and Unlock all Karts)

angry birds go hack

100% Working Angry Birds Go! Hack Tool, Cheats & Trainer

Disclaimer: Angry Birds Go! Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

How to Hack or Cheat Angry Birds Go!

Tutorial on how to use the trainer for Angry Birds Go!

1. Angry Birds Go! game should already be installed on your device. If you do not have it yet, download the Angry Birds Go! game first then start it to download the updates, you should see a “Calculating download” window and installing update.

2. Close the Angry Birds Go! app if its currently running.

3. Start the Angry Birds Go! Hack Tool. (No root or jailbreak needed for Android and iOS, you just need to connect your device then use the trainer to patch the Angry Birds Go! apk/ipa.)

4. Plug-in your Android/iOS device using USB  (Angry Birds Go! must be installed already) and click Detect Device button. A popup message will show if done successfully.

5. Enter the amount of gem, coins that you want to be generated. You can also enable the Unlock all Cars and the Double Coins (Coin Doubler) option.

4. Click on Patch Game and wait until Angry Birds Go! trainer to complete its patching.  (Patching requires an Internet connection as it will connect to database for the latest patch and updates for Angry Birds Go.)

5. Visit Angry Birds Go! game and check your newly added stats.

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If you are looking for ways to get free gems and coins so you can easily win races in the game, then the Angry Birds Go! Hack Tool and Cheats is the #1 recommended trainer for you.

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[testimonial author="Howard Morey (United States)"] I'm having a hard time winning on later stages, good thing I have found this cheats for Angry Birds Go! It helped me win and finish 1st on races. [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Damiane Chaussée (France)"] Thank you, now I have the Big Bang Special Edition L6 with full upgrades! Cheers! [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Pierpont Sarrazin (Australia)"] This is great. It worked on my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Calvin Page (United Kingdom)"] Thank you for sharing this trainer, now I enjoy playing Angry Birds Go! even more! [/testimonial]

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