Heroes of Dragon Age Cheats (Unlimited Gems and Gold Hack)

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Heroes of Dragon Age Cheats and Hack gives you access to Secret Mods where you can get unlimited amount of gems, gold, energy and stamina. This is the stable release version you can use to get rare, epic and legendary heroes.

This Heroes of DA trainer perfectly works for Android mobile phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iOS devices. Use the tool to patch your game files to become modded and have infinite amount of gems.  This hack requires no root or jailbreak. You do not need your device to be rooted or jailbroken for this to work.

heroes of dragon age cheats hack

About Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age is a free to play online game for Android, iPhone and iPad that lets you build a squad to fight legendary battles. You will enter the world of Thedas, a land in turmoil teeming with conflicting people, fantastic beast, and powerful magic. While exploring, you will call upon famous heroes and monsters and use them to build a powerful party. As you move through a map and win battles, your squad will grow powerful enough to take on the boss.

Every hero in Heroes of Dragon Age is different. Health, Power, and Abilities determine how a unit fights and Speed determines the order they fight in. Win battles to unlock quests and maps. You can also return to completed quest to defeat harder squads for valuable bonus gems. You also earn gold and XP from completing quests.

Front row heroes are there to hold the line. They get a bonus to health and block the back row from direct attacks. Back row heroes have time to focus and get a bonus toward 2x Damage hits.

You can use gold and gems to trade for a pack. All heroes are available in every pack, but the better the pack, the better chance you have at summoning a rarer hero. You’ll also receive bonus items if you’re lucky.

In the Recruit Pack, you’re most likely to get Common heroes. Those are perfect for consuming. In the Warrior Pack, you’ll get at least an Uncommon or better hero. And remember, there’s always a chance for a Rare, Epic or even Legendary in every pack. The Champion pack is where you have the best chance to get the rarest and strongest heroes.

Heroes of Dragon Age Cheats and Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Gems (Infinite Gems)
  • Add Unlimited Gold Coins (Infinite Gold)
  • Completely Refill Energy and Stamina (Full refill energy and stamina.)
  • Free Shopping Mod (Use Gems to purchase Champion Packs to get Epic and Legendary Heroes.)
  • Multi-platform support (Android and iOS devices)
  • Windows, Linux & Mac OS Compatible
  • NO NEED TO ROOT (for Android) / JAILBREAK (for iOS)

Heroes of Dragon Age Cheats/Hack Proof Screenshot:

heroes of dragon age cheats

Use the Heroes of Dragon Age trainer by Hackers.university to get your unimited gems like in this screenshot!

Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Tool and Cheats

(Unlimited Gems, Gold and Free Shopping Mod)

heroes of dragon age hack

100% Working Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Tool, Cheats & Trainer

Disclaimer: Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

How to Hack or Cheat Heroes of Dragon Age

Tutorial on how to use the trainer for Heroes of Dragon Age

1. Start the Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Tool. (No root or jailbreak needed for Android and iOS, you just need to connect your device then use the trainer to patch the Heroes of Dragon Age apk/ipa.)

2. Plug-in your Android/iOS device using USB  (Heroes of Dragon Age must be installed already) and click Detect Device button. A popup message will show if done successfully.

3. Enter the amount of gems and gold coins that you want to be generated. You can also enable the Energy and Stamina Refill.

4. Click on Patch Game and wait until Heroes of Dragon Age trainer to complete its patching.  (Patching requires an Internet connection as it will connect to database for the latest patch and updates.)

5. Visit Heroes of Dragon Age game and check your newly added stats.

Download the Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Cheats Trainer Tool for Android/iOS

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[learn_more caption="Heroes of Dragon Age Strategies, Tips and Tricks"] Assign four heroes to your squad with the same faction color to receive a power boost. heroes of dragon age strategy 1 Front-row heroes receive a health boost. Back-row heroes receive a higher chance of dealing double damage. heroes of dragon age strategy 2 Activate runes to increase your squad’s stats. Runes function for a limited time and can only be used once. heroes of dragon age strategy 3 Initiative determines when a hero will attack in battle. Quick heroes are most likely to attack first. heroes of dragon age strategy 4 Faction colors receive unique damage bonuses against other specific colors. heroes of dragon age strategy 5 [/learn_more] If you are looking for ways to get free gems and get epic or legendary heroes for Heroes of DA, then the Heroes of Dragon Age Hack Tool and Cheats is the #1 trainer for you.

User Testimonials:

[testimonial author="Adrian (United States)"] I got my unlimited gems in no time! [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Kenny Anderson (Australia)"] If you love playing Heroes of Dragon Age, then I personally highly recommend this trainer. You can use it to easily get epic heroes! [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Carlos Hugo (United Kingdom)"] 100% working! I used it on my iPhone and Nexus 7 without having problem whatsoever. Cheers! [/testimonial] [testimonial author="Jay Aubin (France)"] Oh my goodness! It worked. I now have a line-up of pure elite heroes with powerful runes. I'm completely addicted to Heroes of Dragon Age, and this cheat is my partner to top the rankings! [/testimonial]

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