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This is the Kingsbridge hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Facebook that will give you free unlimited gems, gold, food, wood and stone. You can utilize the gems generated by Kingsbridge cheats tool. Kingsbridge Facebook trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of  gems and resources in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat Kingsbridge. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in Kingsbridge Facebook cheats, hacks and trainer.

About Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge Facebook

Kingsbridge is a brand new release from Wooga, now available on Facebook.

Kingsbridge lies in ruins… will you be the one to restore its former glory and claim its crown? Strategically plan your medieval town. Start by resurrecting the old town and protecting your precious buildings with defensive towers.

You’re not alone! Others are focused on the glory too. Raise an army complete with knights, archers, footmen, siege weapons, and more to defend your town. Declare war on your enemies. Destroy the villains, conquer their lands and enjoy the tributes they pay. Don’t forget you’re also competing with friends, so ensure your victory by attacking often and using the spoils of war to fortify your land!

Invite your friends to play and slog it out on the battlefield as you raid, loot and destroy their towns. Visit their towns to steal their resources! Revel in the medieval madness as you fight your way to the throne.

Learn more about the game by reading the Kingsbridge Wiki and Game Guide below.

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Kingsbridge Hack Tool and Cheats

kingsbridge hack

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Tutorial on How to Use Kingsbridge Hack

1. Download the Kingsbridge Hack below. (Kingsbridge Hack comes with detailed instructions on it.)

2. Use the downloader and select whether your operating system is Windows or Mac.

3. Login to your Facebook account and play Kingsbridge. (Kingsbridge must be opened and running with Internet connection.)

4. Start the Kingsbridge Hack tool.

5. Click the Connect button.

kingsbridge cheat

6. Edit the values. (Gems, Gold, Food, Wood, Stone)

kingsbridge cheat

7. Click on the “Press to Start Hack” button.

kingsbridge cheat

8. See your Kingsbridge resources stats on Facebook.

kingsbridge cheat

Hack Proof:

kingsbridge cheats

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Kingsbridge Wiki and Game Guide


Attacking tips When attacking, choose your opponent carefully - perhaps someone at the same or even a lower level than yourself for a greater chance of success. Note that you can only attack players who are within 5 XP levels of your own. For example, if you are level 10, you can attack players between levels 5 and 15. Before attacking, make sure you have plenty of troops. Each troop has a unique behavior. For example, the Footmen are not very disciplined, so they will attack the closest target. Hammermen are better trained and will focus on defensive buildings like towers. You can view each troop’s favorite target in the Barracks or in the Army Camp menus. Select the number of troops you want to place from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then place the troop banner in the position you want your troops to appear. Note that you cannot place your troops too close to enemy buildings. Check the color of the circle around your banner to see where you can place the troops: red means no, blue means you’re good to go! The troops will attack targets automatically. The battle is won when your opponent’s Town Hall is destroyed, but you can continue to pillage your enemy’s town until no buildings are left standing. If you feel you are losing a battle and want to minimize your losses, you can recall your troops by clicking on their troop banner, or by selecting "End Battle". You can reuse any units that survived the battle in future attacks! As with buildings, your troops can also be upgraded. To do this, you must unlock the Training Ground and upgrade your troops there. Upgrading your troops will make them more powerful, but also increase their recruiting cost. Building your town In Kingsbridge you need to build a large town and strong defenses in order to prosper! The heart of your town is the 'Town Hall’. It is a valuable target for your enemies, as destroying it will give them a percentage of all your resources. Placing towers close to your Town Hall will give you the best chance of surviving an attack. You will also want to protect your Storages and Houses, as they will also give a portion of your resources to your attacker if destroyed in battle. When attacked, you do not lose any military units even if Barracks or Army Camps are destroyed. All the buildings (except for Farms, Lumbermills and Quarries) must be connected to the main road in order to work. The main road is the road that enters your town from the bottom right of your map; all other roads must connect to this in order for your buildings to function. Towers, walls and gates are your defensive buildings. Towers will automatically defend your town against any attackers. All towers have a range, which can be seen as a circle around it when placing or moving that tower. Walls and gates can be used to slow down oncoming attackers and give your towers more time to attack. Houses, Farms, Lumbermills and Quarries are the economy buildings. They produce gold, food, wood and stone - all of which are necessary for expanding your town. Note that you will need Royal Seals to build Houses. You can gain Royal Seals by leveling up your XP Level, Honor Level or from Town Hall upgrades. You can also upgrade your buildings to improve them. For example, upgraded Farms will produce more food, Storages will have more space and towers will be more resilient to attacks and cause more damage. You can upgrade buildings by clicking the “Upgrade” button in the bottom right corner of the screen and then clicking the building you wish to upgrade. As your town grows, you have to think carefully about where you place your buildings. Experiment with different layouts and pay close attention to your higher level friends for hints on the best town layouts. You can use the “Footprint mode” as a fast and easy way to quickly re-organize your buildings and roads. You can access the “Footprint mode” by clicking the “Edit Mode” button on the bottom right corner of the screen and then clicking the “Footprint mode” button there. Protection Once you log back in after being attacked, your town may have entered "Protection mode” to allow you time to recover from the attack. In Protection mode, other players cannot attack you, but you can still attack and be attacked by the computer-controlled enemies like Hobard. However, if you attack another player during this time, you will lose your Protection and be open to attacks once again. You can check how much Protection time you have left by hovering over the shield icon on the top left corner. You can also view who has attacked you in the past by viewing the "Battle Log", which is available in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Quests Quests are goals that guide you through the game and reveal the story of Kingsbridge. Through quests you can attack computer-controlled enemies and progress on the World Map. They are also an easy way to gain XP and other rewards, allowing you to progress in the game faster. You can view the quests by clicking the character icons on the left-hand side of the screen.


Honor Honor is the measurement of your success in Kingsbridge and determines your rank amongst your friends. You can gain Honor in many ways. One way is to help your friends; each help action earns you 1 Honor, but you can only gain a limited amount of Honor per day this way. You can help five friends every 24 hours, after which you will no longer gain Honor from help actions. You can however continue to gain Honor from attacking. You also gain a sum of Honor when successfully attacking a computer-controlled enemy. The best way to gain Honor is to attack other players. The amount of Honor you gain from these Player-vs-Player attacks is determined by the amount of damage you dealt to your opponent’s town as well as the level difference between you. Attacking a lower-level player earns you less Honor than a higher-level player. There is no daily limit on Honor gained from attacking other players or computer-controlled enemies. When you earn enough Honor, your Honor level will go up. When this happens, you receive additional rewards like Land Deeds, Royal Seals and Energy. Hard to find items When you attack other players, collect resources or complete quests, you will sometimes receive items like arrows, saws, paintings etc. These items are usually used for building of upgrades in your town. If you are in need of specific items to finish a task, you can also ask your friends to send them to you. Answering a friend’s request for an item will NOT remove it from your inventory, but allow you to gift it to them for free. Food // Wood // Stone // Gold Gold can be collected from your Houses in the form of taxes. However, you will be required to supply those houses with food after each collection. Gold can also be earned when you attack another player. Stone can be earned by breaking rocks, ordering from the Quarries and also from attacking other players. Wood can be collected by chopping down trees in your town, ordering from the Lumbermills and also from attacking other players. Trees will regrow after a while. Friends can also visit your town to collect these resources for you, such as stone or wood. They can even collect the gold from your Houses and harvest the food from your Farms for you. As you complete quests, you will be rewarded with various items, which often include resources. If you are in a rush, you can also use the Gems to purchase items or speed up the creation of resources. Population Population is a type of resource that is required to build defenses. Population has an upper limit, which can be increased by building or upgrading Houses, or upgrading your Town Hall. The more defensive buildings you have in your town, the higher population you’ll need. Upgrading defensive buildings can also require a higher population. Without a population, you cannot add more defensive buildings. Having a negative population (by storing houses for example) will disable some of your towers. The towers will remain disabled until you have a population of 0 or more. Army Camps You are also limited to a maximum number of attacking troops you can have. This limit is dictated by your Army Camps. You can increase the number of troops you are allowed to create by upgrading your Army Camps. Claiming areas To claim more areas you will require resources and also "Land Deeds". Land Deeds can be earned from leveling up, completing quests, upgrading your Town Hall. You can also get them from daily tributes, which can be collected from your Town Hall once a day. Some areas will require you to be above certain XP level or complete a certain quest before you can claim them. You can claim only neighboring areas. Some areas contain a valuable building such as a Lumbermill or an Army Camp, which can help improve your town. Storage As the amount of resources you produce increases, you'll need to increase your storage limit. You can build more Storages or upgrade existing ones to do so. Just make sure you protect your Storages! If they are destroyed in an attack, you will lose a certain percentage of that resource to your attacker.


Purchasing items from the shop The Shop is where you can buy everything you need. You can buy both economy and military buildings as well as decorations, energy and resources. Buildings typically cost resources, while some items can only be purchased with Gems. The Shop is accessible from the toolbar at the bottom of the game screen. Gems Gems are the in-game currency of Kingsbridge. Gems can be used for many things: buying more Energy or other resources, speeding up building upgrades or skipping tasks. You can buy Gems by clicking the “+” icon next to your Gems at the top of the screen. Energy When you start to play Kingsbridge, you have 20 Energy. This means that you can perform up to 20 actions, such as collecting from houses, finishing buildings or chopping down trees. Energy will recharge over time, but if you’re in a hurry, you can buy more from the Shop or ask your friends to send you some! You can also earn extra Energy by visiting and helping your friends. When you level up, your Energy bar is fully refilled. Social Friends Playing Kingsbridge is more fun with friends. Having many friends playing will speed up your progress. You and your friends can visit each others towns. To visit your friend, simply click on his/her profile picture in the friends bar at the bottom of the screen. When you visit a friend you can help them by collecting resources or by clearing trees and rocks for them. You can do up to five help actions per friend per day. Your friend will receive all of the items and you will also receive a bonus for your efforts! You can also send and receive gifts, which can be items to help you upgrade buildings or Energy to allow you to play longer! You can also choose to attack your friend by clicking the “Scout” button on the bottom right side of the screen. Just don’t be surprised if they attack back! Note that you can only attack friends that are within 5 XP levels from your own level. Requests Sometimes in the game you may find that you are in need of some items to complete a task, normally it is possible to ask friends to help you. When you open Kingsbridge you are also presented with your request inbox, showing you which friends have helped you and which ones need help from you.

Technical Support

Sound & Music To disable or enable the music in Kingsbridge, click on the musical note icon on the right-hand side of the game screen. Full-screen Mode You can also play Kingsbridge in full-screen mode. To activate or deactivate the full-screen mode, simply click on the icon of two squares on the right-hand side of the game screen. Download the Kingsbridge Hack Tool and Cheats now and start raising a powerful army. Destroy villains and conquer war. Ensure complete victory by hacking and cheating. For more info about Kingsbridge, you can visit its Facebook fan page community.

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