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Royal Story Hack Cheats Trainer Tool 100% Working

This is the Royal Story hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Facebook that will give you free unlimited rubies, coins, energy, humble hearts and more. You can utilize the rubies and coins generated by Royal Story cheats tool. Royal Story Facebook trainer is easy to use and you can easily add Royal Story rubies and coins in your account with just a few clicks of button. Royal Story hack answers the question how to cheat and hack Royal Story Facebook game, as you can easily get free humble hearts and energy. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in Royal Story facebook cheats, hacks and trainer.

royal story trainer

About Royal Story

Royal Story is a fairy-tail adventure Facebook game where you can build your castle, harvest from your land, and save your royal kingdom from evil forces. In the game you get to explore the story line with your friends and learn the secret story of a magic story book about a hero who will save the royal kingdom against the evil witch sorcerer. Royal Story is a game which will let you experience the magic of fairytale stories. The game rewards you with certain achievements by completing quests, and lets you do crafting, expanding, and upgrading your castle. Royal Story is available on Facebook and is completely free to play.

Royal Story Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Rubies Hack
  • Add Unlimited Coins Hack
  • Add Unlimited Energy Hack
  • Humble Hearts Cheat
  • Royal Story Secret Cheats
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  • Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
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  • Daily updates to ensure the functionality of the hack.

Disclaimer: Royal Story Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.

Royal Story

(Trainer Hack Tool)

Royal Story Hack

Royal Story Hack Tool and Cheats 100% Working

Royal Story Hack Trainer

Name: Royal Story Cheat
Size: 1.32 MB
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Total Downloads: 5,214
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Royal Story Hack Cheats  Generates Rubies / Coins

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Royal Story Rubies

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Royal Story Coins

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Royal Story Humble Hearts Hack

Royal Story Hack Cheats

  Royal Story Unlimited Energy Cheat

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Royal Story Secret Cheats

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Royal Story Hack Tool

Royal Story Hack Cheats  Auto Invite

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Tutorial How to Use Facebook Royal Story Hack Tool

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Start the Royal Story Hack Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)

3. Click on Start Hack to enable to “send to account” buttons.

4. Edit the values.

5. Use the “send to account” buttons from Hack Tool features.

6. Visit Royal Story Facebook game app.

Download the Royal Story Hack Cheats Trainer Tool

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Royal Story Unlimited Rubies, Coins, Energy, and Humble Hearts

Download the Royal Story Hack Tool and Cheat above and get access to secret cheats in the game. [caption id="attachment_1706" align="aligncenter" width="500"]royal story hack tool Get free unlimited rubies, coins, humble hearts, and energy using the Royal Story Hack Tool and Cheats.[/caption] Important: Royal Story Rubies Hack will change your amount of rubies in the game. Use the coins hack and buy the items you have always wanted. Use the Royal Story hack by downloading the tool above and enabling it. This will let you get free rubies and coins which you can use in the game. The Energy hack can be used to generate free energies in game. The Royal Story Humble Hearts Hack can be used to easily get humble hearts without visiting your friend's castle kingdom.

Royal Story Guides

Looking for Royal Story Facebook Guides? Check below for the complete guides in the game.

Royal Story Newbie Guide

First let’s go over the basic aspects and functions of Royal Story: Energy royal story energy Energy is what allows your player to do work actions on your kingdom. Harvesting, fishing, and fighting all require energy to do. However some actions such as adding ingredients to machines for processing, or collecting machine produce do not require energy. So it is best that you plan energy consumption wisely. For example, you can first spend a lot of energy gathering and harvesting your crops, and then take time to process items while you wait for more energy to come back. You can increase your maximum Energy amount by leveling up. With each level, your maximum Energy capacity will increase by 1, until a maximum of 39 Energy. Coins royal story coins Coins are the common currency of all kingdoms in the Royal Story realm. You can use coins to purchase a large variety of items in the store (although some items will cost Rubies). You can earn coins by harvesting and selling crops, selling produce, visiting neighboring kingdoms, or by completing quests. You can also add coins by purchasing them directly through the Royal Story payment system. Rubies royal story rubies Rubies are what can be regarded as the strongest form of currency in the game. You can use Rubies to do practically anything. Use them to help you on tough quests, speed up your productions, or purchase fertilizers and rare items. You can earn Rubies by leveling up your character, or by completing Achievements. Like coins, Rubies can also be purchased directly through Royal Story. Experience (XP) royal story xp XP is what you receive whenever you harvest crops, add ingredients to machines, complete missions, or earn medals. As you gain more XP, your level will increase. The higher your level, the more access to items and features you will have. Each time you level up, you receive free energy (enough to fill your energy bar), as well as some coins. Humble Hearts royal story humble hearts Humble Hearts are rewarded whenever you visit a neighboring kingdom and use your 5 visit energy working on the kingdom. Humble Hearts are most commonly used in crafting items. Items such as the super chop, some clothes, and some crafted items all require Humble Hearts. More information about crafting items with Humble Hearts can be found in our crafting guide here Castle Value (CV) royal story castle value Castle Value or CV, is a number that is associated to the approximate value of your kingdom’s castle. Adding royal buildings or upgrading your castle level will add to your overall Castle Value. Having a higher CV will be required to explore the lands outside of your kingdom. Inventory Your inventory is where all your Royal Story items are stored. Any time you harvest or collect items, they are automatically sent to your inventory. The inventory can be broken down in to several sub-categories. Making Money Once you begin the game, it would be a good idea to begin working towards building a Whimsical Workshop. Reason being, once you complete the Workshop, you may begin crafting items which are required to build machines that can process your crops. The sooner you begin processing more of your crops, the sooner you can begin making a higher income (as well as start gaining XP more quickly). The Workshop is available for purchase after the player has reached level 6. For more on crafting with the Whimsical Workshop, see our Crafting Guide here. Leveling Up When you begin the game, you will notice that your character will begin at level 1. As you do tasks in your kingdom and complete quests, your character will gain XP, and will level up after filling the XP bar on the upper right of your screen. Leveling up is important as more machines and buildings become available to you at higher levels. With more access to buildings and machines, you will have more chances to increase your cash flow and make higher profits. A good way to begin leveling up quickly is focusing on getting all available quests completed. At the same time, be sure to start working on the 1st and 2nd tiers of the available achievements. Usually speaking, you will have to harvest/produce between 50-60 of a given crop/product to achieve the 1st tier achievement, and between 180-220 to achieve the 2nd tier achievement. Upon completion of an achievement, you will receive coins and XP (and some energy), and this will boost your progress towards the next level.

Recruiting Neighbors Guide

Recruiting Neighbors You will notice that many of the royal buildings in Royal Story not only require construction, but also neighbors to come fill building positions. This is where you will have to "recruit" neighbors to come fill these positions. After collecting all the required construction materials and completing this type of building, you will notice it will remain in a half-completed state until you recruit the required number of neighbors. royal story recruiting neighbors To do so, simply click the building, and menu will appear giving you the option to recruit some of your neighbors. You may click the green recruit button to go to your Facebook friends list and select which neighbors you would like to send requests to. If they accept, they will appear in your building. The alternative to recruiting your neighbors is to simply purchase the positions using Rubies. To do so simply click the blue Hire One button. royal story hire helpers It is important to note the following about recruiting neighbors:
  • Once a particular neighbor has been hired into one of your buildings, he/she cannot be hired into another building. Each neighbor can only be recruited once for one building.
  • If a building containing hired neighbors is deleted, those neighbors will be unemployed and not available again for other buildings

Royal Story Achievements Guide

Achievements Achievements are unlocked in Royal Story by planting crops and producing items. Unlocking Achievements will award you with Medals, which can in turn be used to upgrade your Castle (see the Castle Upgrades Guide). To view your Medals and Achievements, click the Castle in your Kingdom. As you can see in the above screenshot, each crop or product has five unlock-able Achievements, each of which will award you with one Medal. To unlock each Achievement, you must plant/produce the specified amount of the crop/product. You can see your progress towards each Achievement by watching the progress bar to the bottom right of each product. Using the example above, you can see that for Coffee Beans I am 6/60 towards my first Achievement, but for Corn I am 304/700 towards my third Achievement. So let's say I plant 54 more Coffee Beans, I will attain my first Coffee Bean Achievement. After you obtain required amount of a given crop/product, a screen will appear showing you your rewards. It is important to note that upon completion of the 5th Achievement, you will receive a 1 Ruby bonus.

Expansion Guide

You probably notice upon starting the game that all the lands around your initial kingdom are darkened out. These are lands that can be expanded into and explored after meeting certain requirements. Expanding your land means more space to place buildings and machines, as well as more room to plant your crops. Initially moving your mouse over these dark areas will usually (but not always!) yield a hint like below: royal story expansion Notice that it says you need 50 CV to expand into this land. This is the first requirement. After meeting the requirements to expand to the land, there will then be some additional requirements to actually explore the land. You must then collect all the needed materials to pay for your adventure into the new area, or pay your way through using Rubies. If you choose to use Rubies, just click the explore button on the bottom, and the shown number of Rubies will be deducted from your game. Or after you've collected the required materials, an "Explore" button will appear on the bottom of the expansion menu with no Ruby price. Simply click this, and you are free to continue your journey in the newly explored area! Land Expansions List: 1. House of the Wise
  • Reach Level 6
  • Have 12 Eggs
  • Have 15 Cheddar Cheese
  • 2000 Coin Fee
2. Fisher's Fields
  • Have 12 Apple Bread
  • 10 Animal Bones
  • 6000 Coin Fee
3. Bert's Abode
  • Reach Level 15
  • Have 25 Orange Juice
  • Have 20 Honey Donuts
  • 12000 Coin Fee

Royal Story Crafting Guide

The purpose of this guide is to clearly display and explain all the functions of the Workshop, and its crafting functions. The Workshop is where all the game’s crafting happens. It becomes available in the store when you reach level 6 and costs 500 Coins. After placing the Workshop in your Kingdom, you will need to collect some materials to complete it. After collecting the required Wood and Stone, you can finish construction of the Workshop, and begin crafting. Please note that you can build up to a maximum of 3 Workshops in your kingdom. Once completed, you may click the Workshop to enter and begin crafting items. Each craft-able item will be displayed on the left hand side, followed by what materials are required to craft it.

Royal Story Castle Upgrade Guide

One of the best ways to add Castle Value (CV) to your kingdom is to upgrade your castle. Each time you upgrade, you will receive a sizable CV bonus. To upgrade your castle, simply click your castle, and select the Upgrade Tab on the left hand side. You will notice that the conditions for upgrading are shown on the bottom of the menu. For each time you upgrade the castle, you will have to pay a Medal and Coin fee. As shown in the picture above, the cost of upgrading to a Hold will cost 10 Medals, and 2000 Coins. These costs will increase with each level you upgrade. Your castle can be upgraded a total of 7 times. Castle Upgrade Chart Keep > Hold > Fort > Castle > Fortress > Citadel > Stronghold > Palace It is very important to note that each time you upgrade your castle, the medals required to upgrade will be deducted from your total medal amount. So for example, if you have 15 medals from achievements, and then you use 10 to upgrade to the next level of castle, it will then show that you will only have 5 medals, as 10 were used in upgrading.

Rename Your Kingdom Guide

How to rename your Kingdom in Royal Story Facebook? Read the guide below to learn. To rename your Kingdom, simply click on the Purple banner that has the Kingdom's name in it. You find this in the bottom left side of your game screen. Click it, and a panel pops up that allows you type a new name. Don't forget to announce your Kingdom's name to the world! 🙂 Note: This does not work in Full Screen Mode. If you are in Full Screen Mode, first switch this off, and then rename your Kingdom.

Royal Story Hack Cheats Guide

Download and read how-to hack and cheat Royal Story above. Use the Royal Story Hack Tool and Trainer to get your unlimited coins, rubies, energy, and humble hearts to build the best kingdom in the game. Play Royal Story like a boss, and get access to the free unlimited rubies, coins, energy, humble hearts and more. Download the Royal Story Hack Cheats Trainer Tool now and be a top royal king or queen in the game. Easily gain best decors, items, and consumables in the Royal Story. Start becoming the best Royal Story player ever by using the Royal Story Hack Tool.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of February 22, 2017.

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