Survey Bypasser – How to Bypass and Remove Surveys

Welcome to the best software to bypass online surveys! Just enter your survey URLs and it will survey remove the surveys within seconds! This is the best Survey Remover and Content Locker remover tool.

How to Bypass Surveys Online?

Have you ever experience filling up surveys for you to access the locked content? Ever downloaded an ebook, software, or a premium content then suddenly a survey popped out? These surveys are meant to protect the files or the content especially if those are valuable. There are so many leechers, bots and spammers want to access premium files. So one way of protecting them is through surveys.

We suggest that you won’t get mad for those who invented surveys, as you now finally have a solution for it. We introduce you to the Ultimate Survey Bypasser. It is called the Ultimate Survey Bypasser as it can bypass any kind of surveys and content lockers. Be it Sharecash, Fileice, Cleanfiles, Adworkmedia, Dreamcash, Firecash, Adnooka,,,,,,,,,, and more! Name any survey site and its no match for the Survey Bypasser! With these tool in your arsenal surely bypassing security of CPA and PPD networks is just easy as pie.

Bypass Survey offers the best free service to download files in survey sites. Name any site and content with survey or content locker, hands down it is not a problem for the Ultimate Survey Bypasser. This is the #1 tool to bypass Surveys. With just a few clicks it will bypass survey-protected and download the files right into your desktop. It supports all survey providers. Go ahead and use it to bypass any survey you want now. It’s totally free!


Download Survey Bypasser

survey bypasser

Features of Survey Bypasser

  • Supports all Survey provider sites.
  • User friendly interface. Bypass surveys with just a few clicks of buttons.
  • Percent indicator that shows the download percentage of file.
  • Supports inputting of multiple URLs.
  • Worked 100% for common survey sites.
  • Free automatic updates.
  • Works for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • *For Linux and Mac users kind see the Survey Bypasser User Manual above.

It is very straightforward to download the software. All you have to do is click the download button. This will redirect you to a webpage where you can directly download the software.

Steps to Download Free All in One Ultimate Survey Bypasser Tool

Follow the simple steps below to download this tool.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of September 25, 2016.

Steps and Instructions

Follow the steps and instructions posted to start using the tool.

  1. First of all download the software using the download button.
  2. Following that you need to run the installer. In Case you’re using a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer, you will need to right click the installer and then select run it as Administrator.
  3. Enter the survey url the click Add or click the Load from List button in case you have a list of sites. At this time, the list can only be text files and the URLs must be separated by a space.
  4. Click the Browse button, to select the location where the files will be saved and downloaded.
  5. You can then press the Start Download button.
  6. Downloading the files may take some time depending on the file in that survey URL. Currently the tool is not multi-threaded and can only download one file at a time.
  7. Alternatively, you can control the download item through the Pause, Stop, and Skip buttons located on the Status bar.
  8. Once the files have been successfully downloaded, you can view it from your save item location.
  9. These are all the steps and instructions needed to run the bypass survey tool.

User Manual Survey Bypasser:

Using Proxies

You can select whether to use proxies or not. Proxies can be accessed via the Settings button. From there you can select no proxy, use public proxies and custom proxies. By using public proxies the software will automatically search for available working public proxies near your location. Custom proxy servers can also be used if you have a list of proxies. Just follow the format to import proxies.

For Mac OS Users

This software is not developed for Mac, however some of our users that runs on Mac OS X reports that they have successfully run the application by using Boot Camp and by using virtual machine softwares for Mac like the Virtual Box, VMware Fusion and Parallels.

For Linux Users

For users that are using Linux as their operating system, you can use the tool by installing Wine application through the Linux software repository. Wine is an open-source application made for Linux that will let you run Windows softwares on your machine.


This software can bypass password protected files that are using survey sites. One limitation of the software is it will not work on readily available download sites that has no surveys available. The latest updated version of this tool lets you use proxies for downloading. We are currently updating a new version to make it multi-threaded. There is also a donate button in the tool, if ever you want to support its hard working programmers. If you are looking for ways on how you can bypass surveys and enjoy downloading premium content, then you should definitely download the Survey Bypasser!


How to Get Ultimate Survey Bypasser

The tool removes surveys then automatically download the files hidden on it.

It is a complete all-in-one solution to download files without doing surveys.


Why are some files have surveys?

Depending on how premium the content or how rare the file is, some do use surveys to protect it from leechers. This way only those who truly need the tool will have access on it. Also some files do take some time to be developed and are being released for free. This means that you can download files for free with just a few minutes of time. In return, software developers add a survey on it so it can only be downloaded by people who wants it and won’t abuse it.


Does it work?

100% working Survey Bypasser! The tool was put together by a team of skilled people. These programmers, software developers and web developers certainly have knowledge on what they’re working on!


Is it really free?

100% free. The tool comes to you totally free! All you need is download it. Download Survey Bypasser today and gain the skills to remove surveys to download the files that you have always wanted.


What are the supported platforms?

It supports desktops and laptops that are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. For Mac OS and Linux comptures you will need to use virtualization softwares to run the tool.

Software uses an advance Javascript decoder and PHP decompiler saver script which will get the exact location of the file. This is the perfect solution for people who want to download files but are protected by surveys, and is living in a place where no surveys are available.


Available PDFs, Tutorials and Manuals included:

Survey Bypasser Complete User Manual, How to Bypass Survey using Google Chrome Developer Tools, Survey Bypassing Made Easy, Inspect Element 101, Source Code Viewing Explained, Javascript for Survey Sites Tutorial, Surveys Explained, PHP Scripts to Unlock Online Surveys, Learn How to Bypass Online Surveys, and How to Use the Ultimate Survey Bypasser.


User Testimonials:

George (Russia) “This is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you for sharing!”

Philip Antonio (United States) “Finally, a perfect working software that will get rid of surveys!”

Henry Gomez (France) “Wow! Now I can get hands on those survey protected contents!”

Veronica (United Kingdom) “It’s really working. No more surveys for me!”

Shelby Robinson (United States) “Excellent! I got the files without doing any surveys!”

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